The charm of the Venetian Blinds from Luxaflex lies in their versatility. First introduced to the world by Luxaflex® in the 1950s, their Venetian Blinds offer you precise control of light intensity and direction with the quick twist of a wand. And with an ever expanding range of colours, finishes, and slat widths to choose from, you can transform any room in a style that is completely your own.

The new 25mm MegaView™ Venetian Blind, offers you that extra view and privacy control that you might be looking for. Available in all colours, this blind closes as a normal 25mm blind, but when you open it, a MegaView™ outside view is presented, by doubling the view through to the outside. Designed exclusively for Luxaflex®. The innovative MegaView™ system is built upon the well-known 25mm Venetian Blind, by using a technology that ‘sticks’ two slats together when opening, so an extended view-through is created. The blind closes as you would expect from a Luxaflex® Venetian Blind, providing you with the most optimal light and privacy control.

Luxaflex® offers you a range of possibilities to personalise your Venetian Blind, and create the best possible match in colour and style with your interior. Plain coloured fabric tapes, some with decorative prints, are available and it is possible to personalise your blind by adding multiple colours of slats in your blind or an exciting border effect, for a subtle or dynamic look.

Do you want privacy but still allow light in your house? Do you want to lose the glimmering on your computer screen or television? Variozone® is the blind that you can open in segments; top open, bottom closed; top closed, bottom open; or open in the middle, whichever suits you best. This blind can of course be completely closed and opened like any standard Luxaflex® Venetian Blind.

Luxaflex® Venetian blinds can be either manually operated or motorised.

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